Satchel Creek Ranch
 Satchel Creek Ranch is nestled in the scenic Flint Hills of Kansas! The Satchel Creek Ranch is a family-owned and operated Cattle Ranch and Farm that has been part of the Tonn-Oppold family for generations. Over time, we have fine tuned the science of raising cattle and are excited to bring to you some of the best grass fed, lean, steaks and other cuts of beef from our Ranch to your Table! Beef its what's for Dinner!
 Living on a Ranch or Farm in the country is hard work, but it can be fun too! Farmers and Ranchers must be ready to face challenges like extreme weather! On this website, the Tonn-Oppold family will give you a look at what its like to live and work on Satchel Creek Ranch! Stay tuned for more stories and pictures from the life and times of the Tonn-Oppold family!